Lifecycle assessments

Introduced only a few years ago, the lifecycle assessment (LCA) has rapidly become part of how we design and develop properties at Mirvac.

The more we understand the long-lasting impacts of the materials we use, the more informed our choices can be.

We have now identified several key material hotspots:

  • cement-based materials (ready-mixed and precast concrete);
  • metals (steel and aluminium);
  • facades and windows (glass); and
  • in-fill and formwork materials (gravels and timber products).

Equipped with this knowledge, we have been able to make more strategic decisions when selecting materials, products, suppliers and construction processes, which save carbon and cost.

As we increase our use of pre-fab components, LCA will give us the ability to measure the impact of technology such as the velocity and modular bathroom systems.

Moving forward, our focus will be on continuing to use LCAs to identify the highest impact opportunities to save costs and carbon, and concentrating on these to improve our decisions, both ecologically and economically.


estimated reduction of carbon impact from six comparable projects 1


equivalent of taking
cars off the road


predicted cost savings from the in-house expertise in future.

  1. 58,400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions